E-commerce has become the most growing retail segment
and changed the retail world forever!
In every market that Amazon has penetrated, the local distribution channels adopted higher standards and regulations

E-commerce has become an important tool for small and large companies worldwide, not only to sell to customers but also to engage them, create market studies, generate market awareness, identify trends, and design new product lines.

Every retail channel today will integrate E-commerce strategy which generates new opportunities to companies
in six major e-commerce channels:

  1. International marketplaces namely, Amazon and Alibaba.com
  2. Local marketplaces like Allegro.pl, cdon.se, Cdiscount.com, bol.com
  3. E-tailers like coolblue.nl and buy.com

  4. Offline retailers with online platforms such as Walmart.com and Fnac.com
  5. Mass mail promotion based platforms like Groupon and iBood.com
  6. Crowdfunding platforms focused on creativity and merchandising like Kickstarter

penetration strategy

Over the course of the last 12 years, we have integrated the new online opportunities into our penetration strategy.Selling via the local marketplaces, running trials online with offline retailers, and promotions with mass mail promotion based companies that attract conservative offline retailer’s attention as well.

As a result of the effectiveness, relatively low costs and the great exposure we get from the online channels – we usually recommend to begin developing online channels simultaneously with engaging the conservative offline retail channels.  

The international platforms, mainly at amazon.com- nowadays, are much more than just platforms to sell goods. Using the analysis tools on amazon can help identify new trends, reach out to a new audience, and rectify current products.

Our online staff, led by Mr. Newman, have signed up more than 12 contracts with TIER2 online platforms: 4 marketplaces of Groupon in Europe, Cdon.se (Nordics), C-discount (France), Allegro (Poland), all amazon Europe, ibood.com, bol.com (Benelux) Jumia.com (Nigeria) and more.

Amazon.com: our online team has successfully promoted 6 different product lines. All products are at the mass market segments, facing the highest level of aggressive competition. In every industry we have launched a new line, we usually positioned at the high top 3-5 sellers. There are very few online teams that can show that level of success. In fact, as have recently published by Amazon officials – out of the 2.5M active vendors on Amazon.com, only 2500 vendors sell more the 1M$ annually. Around 80% of the 1M$ club sell A brand products using the “Buy Box” Amazon feature. Only 500 private label sellers sell annually more than 1M$. 

“The Numbers don’t lie”. Our team definitely positioned itself with the best of the top-notch Amazon sellers- worldwide!